Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring comes to Long Island's North Fork

Just some comments on how I know Spring has arrived in Long Island's Wine Country.

We all know the look of Spring. You suddenly know the grass is getting greener, it's getting warmer so you you start observing more. The early flowers are budding, yet there are no buds on the trees yet.

The North Fork of Long Island is no different except some very obvious sights.

- the farm stands open in middle March. I have never done a formal count on how many farm stands dot the Main Road, aka route 25, aka route 58. The farmstands stretch from the Aquabogue to Orient Point. You can never really do a formal count since a farm stand could be nothing more than a card table set up with a sign. This farmstand might sell cut flowers, and later on tomatoes. You might not consider this a farmstand, but try buying some tomatoes at one of these small stands. You will find no  better quality.
The well known farmstands are now open and getting set up for the first crop of early spring vegetables. Then soon will be strawberry time and the annual festival in Mattituck.

- The deer are getting more active, but there is a lack of females roaming around. Reason is the new fawns are now being born, but won't be seen until around June when they start to venture out with mom. I love the first sightings of these little guys. Wobbly, unsure, don't know what they are supposed to do or hunt for.

- farm tractors are now getting more active, and driving out onto the roads for a stretch which always slows  down traffic. I never mind being stuck behind a farmtractor. The things are huge and are what keep the North Fork prosperous. Farmland and Wineries are the primary drivers of the economy out here.

I love Spring on the North Fork. There are still no vacationers yet, and noone travelling out to the farmstands due to lack of product this early. So , to me, Spring is for the residents to get out and enjoy.

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