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Peter B. Owen, ChFC, CLU, FLMI, CRSP, CISP
Peter has owned a house in Southold NY for the past 30 years and also lives in West Hemptead NY.
Did you ever wish you had somewhere to turn each day when you have a financial issue or question, without being made to feel stupid.
My name is Peter Owen and I started Trendline Financial Solutions to assist middle class Divorcees and Widows with their everyday financial issues. WHY? Because many financial practitioners want to either manage the assets of the rich and get nice management fees, or they want to sell you some product. Who is there to help these women now alone with their financial questions and problems? I get compensated soley by fees charged to clients, I receive NO commissions nor referral fees from any products I might recommend to a client). I have found that most Divorcees and Widows are women left totally alone to deal with their finances. What they really need is a person who they can call when they have a question, maybe help with setting up a budget, help in dealing with their bank or other financial institution, basically someone who is always there to help in coping with everyday financial decisions.

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President and Chief Financial Planner
Trendline Financial Solutions

Phone: (516) 317-2860

223 Parker Avenue
West Hempstead, NY 11552

1675 Cedar Beach Road
Southold, NY 11971

21 West Mill Drive
Great Neck, NY 11021


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