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My Dog Loves the North Fork of Long Island - Mystery During the Ride to Wine Country

My Dog Loves the North Fork - Mystery During the Ride to Wine Country

Louie - A Black Labrador Retriever
I owned a black Labrador Retriever named Louie. I have to admit up front that I was forced to find Louie
 a home two years ago since I was in an apartment during the week, and I could not face having Louie locked up in there alone for 14 hours a day. So, my sister and daughters managed to find him a lovely farm somewhere in Suffolk County where he could romp with a horse and German Shepherd.  I say Somewhere because I did not want to know where he was going; I would want to visit and that would not be fair to Louie. I still do not know where he is, but I believe he is living life joyously.

Louie adored the North Fork and all the variety of activities it offered him. The North Fork attractions are more than just Wineries. He loved weekends in the country. The strangest thing is that Louie knew when the car entered the North Fork or Wine Country. Getting to the North Fork is not difficult. It is a Day-Trip for many people who want to visit the Wineries. We would drive from Nassau County and Louie would lie down in the back quietly for most of the trip. We would get on Rte 25/58 in Riverhead and Louie would sit and look around as we went past Tanger Outlets, restaurants, and all the strip malls, roughly a 2 mile stretch of road. As soon as we passed Rte 105, which is beginning of the North Fork or Long Island Wine Country, Louie would immediately start jumping around, climbing on the windows, and anticipating that we were close to home in Southold. He did this for the entire 30 minute drive from Riverhead to Southold. To this day, every time I pass Rte 105, I try to figure out why Louie would go nuts at this point during every trip.
  • Was it the farmland? The view of the first farm does not occur for another mile or so into the North Fork.
  • Maybe it was at this point that he knew where we were going. But if that is the case, why did he not go nuts when we got off the end of the Long Island Expressway?
  • Who knows - maybe Louie could read, which would not surprise me, and he saw the Wecome to Wine Country Sign at Rte 105!
  • The most logical answer I came up with is the Farmhouses? This is the point where you first encounter houses on the road after having travelled for an hour.
 I just cannot come up with a definitive answer. All I know is that Louie got very active at the exact same point on every trip. Unfortunately, I will never be able to find out the answer unless I see Louie in the Hereafter and ask him. Knowing Louie, he will probably answer "... you idiot,  it was at this point that I was trying to tell you to find the nearest sign post or fire hydrant so I could relieve myself!

Louie loved everything about the North Fork - the animals, the smells, the wide open spaces, and especially the Water. I will leave that for another day..

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